The Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery is Southeast Michigan's unique location for peace and justice related art exhibits as well as a location for a number of peace-related events. The Gallery also has a gift shop featuring books, cards and artwork that can be purchased. 

Gallery & Peace Center - Days Open & Hours

Normally the Gallery is normally open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm. The Gallery is occasionally closed due to another nearby event, holidays or rentals.​​ Additional changes to any schedule will be posted on this website, our Facebook page, on the Gallery doors and on our answering machine (313-963-7575).

For more information about the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery, its history and mission, click here

.Peace Center & Gallery Updates


Now Through December 6th - Call for Art:

The 19th Amendment at 100:  Women's Voices Then and Now

Exhibition Dates: January 24-February 29, 2020

Swords into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery

In a time when women's rights are being denigrated, women's health and bodies are being threatened, and women's pay is still unequal, it is important to remember the strength of the suffrage movement that established women's right to vote. Honor and recognize the centennial of the 19th Amendment that was ratified on August 18, 1920. Commemorate this pivotal moment in women's rights with art. Depict your message through paint, print, text, metal, clay, mixed media, glass, fiber, paper, photo, video, or performance. 2-D, 3-D, and computer based works accepted. This call is open to artists 18 and older. You do not need to be a WCAMI member to enter.


To enter your work in The 19thAmendment at 100, go to


New Volunteers Needed!

We are always seeking new volunteers to help out with the Peace Center and Gallery Join us in 2019!  Contact Clara Lawrence (
to discuss becoming one of our dedicated volunteers.

Swords Into Plowshares Gift Shop  

While visiting the Swords into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery, be sure to visit our Gift Shop!  We have a variety of peace and justice items available for socially and environmentally conscious buying. 

We offer items from 3rd world countries, non-profit entrepreneurs, upcoming artists, books from area authors, and a wide array of nicely priced items to help promote 'peace in action' gifts for the upcoming generation. The Gift Shop is open during Peace Center & Gallery’s operating hours (generally 1-5pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday).


Box Up Your Used Books

Donate them to the small FREE lending library that is installed outside Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery. Just bring them by during normal SIP Gallery hours. Thanks!

​Area Peace And Justice Events

For a listing of area peace and justice events, please click here

​​​​Donate To The Gallery

Donations to the Peace Center and Gallery are always welcome. Your donation check is fully tax-deductible under the law and can be sent to... Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery, 33 E Adams, Detroit MI 48226​




Current & Upcoming Gallery Exhibits & Events

Now through December 28th...

Art4Detroit7 - Celebrating the Spirit and People of Detroit


Concurrent Exhibit on 2nd Floor - Art from Centro Arte Para la Paz, Suchitoto, El Salvador

Sale of paintings and prints in exhibit will support
Sister Peggy's Arte para la Paz in Suchitoto, El Salvador

Yoga In The Gallery Series

Wednesday, December 4th - 7pm to 8pm

Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery

Yoga is for you - even if you have never practiced. Our Tuesday evening yoga series seeks to remove barriers for those who have never considered yoga and for those who wish to  grow in their practice regardless of ability. Feel free to bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing; we will have mats, yoga blocks, bolsters, and yoga straps available to borrow as well. Julia Apsey and Mollika Biernat will be instructing. We look forward to practicing with you.  Each class is $4. You may pay with cash or card at start of classes.There will be one more session on December 11th, 2019

Sunday, December 8th - “The Long Life of White Supremacist Terror in the United States” - Michigan Coalition For Human Rights 2019 Founders Event Program

3pm - Swords into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery. This is a presentation by Dr. Fran Shor, Wayne State University professor emeritas of history and time peace & justice activist. In addition, the 2019 Bishop Coleman H. McGehee, Jr. Champion of Justice Award will be presented to civil rights activist & Freedom Rider Dorothy Dewberry Aldridge.


Although the present horrific acts of white supremacist terror may be seen as individual acts without the sanction of any state, state-sanctioned violence through institutionalized white supremacist terror was deeply rooted in the development of the United States.
The colonial extermination of Native Americans and the enslavement of people of African descent became instruments of institutionalized white supremacist terror.To today, we are still contesting and resisting the white racial frames.

Hear the history and learn its forms today. Donation accepted. Students free. Refreshments served. For more information visit the Facebook event listing by clicking here

Faith Book Club

Wednesday, December 11th

12:30pm to 2pm - Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery. Our Next Book:  Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens. For here for more information about this book, including where to order, click here.

Next At The Peace Cafe...

Wednesday, December 18th - Shiba Palmer

Vocal performance tribute to Nina Simone with pianist Bill Meyer. Come together and kick back at the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery with a free light meal of soup & bread along with coffee, tea and lemonade. Free program, free meal and free parking.  

Sunday, January 12 - Veterans For Peace Martin Luther King Program – “What They Did Not Want Martin Talking About… War & Militarism”

2pm at the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery...

Before Dr. King’s tragic death, he was speaking out more and more against war even though many criticized him for doing so. Even today, on Martin Luther King Day, it is quite uncommon for any mention of his thoughts on war as such teachings still make people uncomfortable.


In some respects, the legacy of Martin Luther King Day has become that of “safe” and non-controversial events and speeches. Rarely these days is anything ever said about Dr. King’s thoughts on how “the giant triplets” threatening the human race include not only racism and poverty, but also war, and how these triplets are all interrelated. As often seen in wars, the "other side" is labeled "not like us" (racism) and countries boost military spending yet cut social programs (poverty).


With that said, the Veterans For Peace talk "What They Did Not Want Martin Talking About" concentrates on his speeches and teachings relating to war and militarism, showing them as relevant today as they were over 50 years ago.

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